We use different types of vehicles, adapted to the relevant needs. Our vehicles meet the requirements to transport dangerous goods (ADR) and to carry products at a precisely defined temperature. Our extensive experience guarantees high quality of our transport services.

We provide services to customers from the following sectors:

  • Radio / television and household appliances
  • Automotive industry
  • Light industry
  • Heavy industry
  • Food industry
  • Furniture and interior furnishings

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Full-truck shipping

Spedycja całopojazdowa

The full-truck shipping offer is addressed to customers who want their products delivered in a fast, efficient and safe way to any destination in Europe.


Our offer gives you access to comprehensive solutions that best meet your current needs. Our experience and logistics capacity guarantee the safety of the whole transport process.

Our Offer

We guarantee safe and fastest transport of full truckloads in Poland and abroad. We have extensive experience in handling such type of carriage, which is the best guarantee that each shipment will be delivered on time and in a good condition. We provide the needed load security measures and experienced truck operators, alongside with a network of proven business partners. All goods are carried using our own fleet or our subcontractors’ vehicles. Thus, we can draw from the experience of our partners who know their local markets through and through and therefore can guarantee that the goods are delivered in the fastest manner possible. The vehicles we use meet the requirements for the transport of each type of goods, including dangerous goods or products that need to be carried in specific temperatures.

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